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What are Check Sheets in Total Quality Management? PDF | Download eBooks

Learn Check Sheets definition in total quality management with explanation to study “What are Check Sheets”. Study check sheets explanation with TQM terms to review total quality management course for online MBA programs.

Check Sheets Definitions

  1. Check sheets are data-gathering tools that can be used in forming histograms.

    Managing Quality: Integrating the Supply Chain by S. Thomas Foster

  2. Check sheets are very useful tools in the data collection activity.

    Introduction to Statistical Quality Control by Douglas C. Montgomery

Check Sheets Explanation

Check sheets are related to histograms. The data used in making histograms are gathered through check sheets. Check sheets can be tabular, computer-based or schematic. The check sheets are used to collect data in real time. The data gathered through check sheets can be both qualitative and quantitative. Check sheets are also called tally sheets. Check sheets present the data in an efficient graphical manner which is easily understandable. Three steps are involved in making check sheets. First of all, common defects in the process are identified. As check sheets show real time data, so the problems are listed column wise while the time periods are written on top of the columns. Check marks are put in front of the defect column under the time period when the defect is observed.

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