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Adaptive SPC Control Chart Definition

  • A control chart in which either the sampling interval or the sample size (or both) can be changed depending on the value of the sample statistic is called an adaptive SPC control chart.

    Introduction to Statistical Quality Control by Douglas C. Montgomery

Adaptive SPC Control Chart Explanation

Control charts are developed to monitor a process and reduce variation in the process parameters. A fixed sample size is considered at a fixed time interval to develop control charts. However, in some situations it is possible that the operator decides to change either the sample size or time interval. This type of sampling is called adaptive sampling and control charts developed using adaptive samples are called adaptive SPC control charts. Adaptive SPC control charts can be developed if the sample statistic shows an immediate abnormal behavior. To prevent any big trouble due to the abnormal behavior adaptive sampling can be used. The control limits of adaptive control charts are divided into zones. If the sample statistic lies within the specified zone, standard sampling is performed for the next sample, otherwise the sampling is adapted to the situation.

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