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What is Attribute Control Charts in Total Quality Management? PDF | Download eBooks

Learn Attribute Control Charts definition in total quality management with explanation to study “What is Attribute Control Charts”. Study attribute control charts explanation with TQM terms to review total quality management course for online MBA programs.

Attribute Control Charts Definition

  • Control charts used for quality characteristics e.g. either conforming or nonconforming, count of the number of nonconformities (defects) appearing on a product are called attributes control charts.

    Introduction to Statistical Quality Control by Douglas C. Montgomery

Attribute Control Charts Explanation

Statistical process control is a technique of quality improvement and control. One of the tools used in this technique is control charts. Control charts are used to check the variation in the process to identify any quality defects. The variation can then be reduced to make the process stable and capable enough to produce quality products. Control charts can involve two types of data; variable and attribute. Attribute data is the one that takes on discrete and binary values e.g. yes/no, conforming/non-conforming etc. The charts used to attribute data are called attribute charts. Based on the type of data, attribute charts can be divided into two classes; charts for conforming/non-conforming, and charts for conformities/non-conformities. P chart and np chart are used for fraction and number non-conforming while c chart and u chart are used to display the non-conformities (total non-conformities and average non-conformities in a unit respectively).

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