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What is Attribute in Total Quality Management? PDF | Download eBooks

Learn Attribute definition in total quality management with explanation to study “What is Attribute”. Study attribute explanation with TQM terms to review total quality management course for online MBA programs.

Attribute Definitions

  1. An attribute is an either-or situation.

    Managing Quality: Integrating the Supply Chain by S. Thomas Foster

  2. Attribute is usually discrete data, often taking the form of counts.

    Introduction to Statistical Quality Control by Douglas C. Montgomery

Attribute Explanation

Attribute is something that cannot be quantified. It is basically a characteristic or feature of a person, place or thing. In quality, attributes are the non-quantifiable characteristics of a product. These can include color, taste, smell etc. Moreover, when the answer to a characteristic question is yes or no, it is considered to be related to an attribute. For example, if it is asked if the car's door is scratched or not, it is considered as an attribute because either the car's door will be scratched or will not be scratched. Moreover, regarding the taste of a fruit juice, if it is said that the juice is tasty or not tasty, this comes under attribute. In statistical quality control, fraction non-conforming or percent non-conforming are attributes.

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