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Average Outgoing Quality Definition and Explanation PDF | Download eBooks

Learn Average Outgoing Quality definition in total quality management with explanation to study “What is Average Outgoing Quality”. Study average outgoing quality explanation with TQM terms to review total quality management course for online MBA programs.

Average Outgoing Quality Definition:

  • Average outgoing quality is the average value of lot quality that would be obtained over a long sequence of lots from a process with fraction defective p.

    Introduction to Statistical Quality Control by Douglas C. Montgomery

Average Outgoing Quality Explanation:

The products that are to be shipped to the customers must possess good quality. When inspection activity is performed on the batch or products and non-conforming products are identified, these are either reworked or removed completely from the batch as scrap. After all the rectifying inspection, the quality of the lot or batch with remaining products is called average outgoing quality. As the name indicates, the word ?outgoing? is used as the products are to be shipped to the customers. Average outgoing quality is closely related to the incoming quality of the material. If the incoming material is of good quality, the outgoing product will also have good quality. Assuming that all the defective products are replaced with good items, the average outgoing quality can be calculated by dividing the expected number of defective units (average fraction defective) in the batch by batch size.

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