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What is Champion in Total Quality Management? PDF | Download eBooks

Learn Champion definition in total quality management with explanation to study “What is Champion”. Study champion explanation with TQM terms to review total quality management course for online MBA programs.

Champion Definitions:

  1. Job of the champion is to work with black belts and potential black belts to identify possible projects.

    Managing Quality: Integrating the Supply Chain by S. Thomas Foster

  2. A champion is a business leader whose job is to facilitate project identification and selection, identify black belts and other team members who are necessary for successful project completion, remove barriers to project completion, make sure that the resources required for project completion are available, and conduct regular meetings with the team or the Black Belt to ensure that progress is being made and the project is on schedule.

    Introduction to Statistical Quality Control by Douglas C. Montgomery

Champion Explanation:

For the implementation of Six Sigma, the roles of different people within an organization may vary. The champions of Six Sigma work closely with the Six Sigma black belts to identify potential quality projects. The champions gather information through many sources. These sources include organization itself, employees, customers, financial data and strategies etc. The champions are like a funnel that filters the quality projects based on the return on investment information. COPC analysis and regression studies help the champions determine the causes of poor quality. They validate the results provide continuous support to the black belts. The champions consider Six Sigma a tool of managing the improvement process.

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