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What is Culture in General? PDF Download

Learn Culture definition in general with explanation to study “What is Culture”. Study culture explanation with general terms to review general course for online degree programs.

Culture Definition

  • Symbolic representation of social behavior, norms, values and custom, embodied with human rational execution collectively known as culture.


Culture Explanation

Culture teaches people a way of life by means of artistic, musical, creative and inspiring behavior of certain groups and communal shared knowledge of customary, generic, and congenial attribution of tribes and society itself. In opting latest definition of culture, genes assimilate the human brain to acquire knowledge, learn, memorize, imitate behavior and language, conceive culture and explicit institutions and express instinct. A world culture derives from a French and Latin term ?colera? stands for nurture or cultivation of concerned core of conduct, attitude, and behavior along with communication and reflection of particular actions.

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