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What is Fortnight in General? PDF Download

Learn Fortnight definition in general with explanation to study “What is Fortnight”. Study fortnight explanation with general terms to review general course for online degree programs.

Fortnight Definition

  • Fortnight is an entity gross with fourteen nights equal to 14 days.


Fortnight Explanation

A fortnight is a principle of time in expressing interval of period in the foreground specified day illustrating in the way that something will happen two weeks after that day. Fortnight is considered as the unit of time denoting equal length to 14 days. The word fortnight is derived from the old English written as ?Feowertyne niht, stands for ?fourteen night? while in North America the term fortnight is used to imply as biweekly. In general, in some region employees received their salaries or wages on fortnightly basis, contrary to the notion ?semimonthly? meaning at 24 periods (12 months x2) in spite of the 26(=52weeks+2) which means biweekly or fortnightly that is common displaying notion.

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