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Osmosis Definition and Explanation PDF Download

Learn Osmosis definition in general with explanation to study “What is Osmosis”. Study osmosis explanation with general terms to review general course for online degree programs.

Osmosis Definition:

  • Osmosis is the scrupulous progress of solvent molecules by means of cautious permeable membrane towards higher solute concentration, tend to balance the solute concentration at both ends.


Osmosis Explanation:

In biological system osmosis is considered as the integral part that participates with biological membranes which are semi-permeable. Osmosis is being responsible for transporting water molecules into and out of cells, likewise, the turgor pressure of a cell is immensely balanced by osmosis by means of cells membrane lies between the cell interior which becomes relatively hypotonic environment. In short, osmosis is involved in the diffusion of water through a semi-permeable membrane indicating low concentration of solvent that down to its concentration gradient, in addition, if a membrane is said to be permeable, will show signal to water rather solute.

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