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What is Personification in General? PDF Download

Learn Personification definition in general with explanation to study “What is Personification”. Study personification explanation with general terms to review general course for online degree programs.

Personification Definition

  • Personification is an attribute and the embodiment of human traits or features proposed to symbolized an abstract quality or non-human entity.


Personification Explanation

Personification is an art of speech or device in order to represent a non-human thing in terms of displaying specific attribution as if it were human such as; taking stars as allocating human depiction to the stars danced cheerfully in the bright sky. In the same way; opportunity was knocking at her door, in the act of these notions both stars and opportunity are showing human characteristics. Owing to, the regime of personification is much used in visual arts as well as in storybooks, where species like animals are captured as giving attribution or specific names or label for appreciation

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