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What is Lateral Gene Transfer and Horizontal Gene Transfer in Bioinformatics? PDF Download

Learn Lateral Gene Transfer and Horizontal Gene Transfer definition in bioinformatics with explanation to study “What is Lateral Gene Transfer and Horizontal Gene Transfer”. Study lateral gene transfer and horizontal gene transfer explanation with bioinformatics terms to review bioinformatics course for online degree programs.

Lateral Gene Transfer and Horizontal Gene Transfer Definition

  • Exchange of genetic materials between species in a way that is in congruent with commonly accepted vertical evolutionary pathway.

    Essential Bioinformatics by Jin Xiong

Lateral Gene Transfer and Horizontal Gene Transfer Explanation

Horizontal gene transfer sometimes known as lateral gene transfer is a phenomenon in which transmission of genetic information from one organism to another organism that are not in relationship of parents and offspring. The horizontal gene transfer involves the use of viruses, plasmids, or transposons.

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