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Ras protein Lecture Notes with Definitions PDF | Download eBooks

Study Ras protein lecture notes PDF with biology definitions and explanation to study “What is Ras protein?”. Study ras protein explanation with biology terms to review biology course for online degree programs.

Ras protein Definition:

  • Ras protein is a G protein that relays a signal from a growth factor receptor on the plasma membrane to a cascade of protein kinases.

    Campbell Biology by J.B. Reece, L.A. Urry, M.L. Cain, S.A. Wasserman, P.V. Minorsky, R.B. Jackson

Ras protein Notes:

Ras is a family of related proteins which is expressed in all animal cell lineages and organs. These ras proteins are basically a class of proteins called small GTPase, and are involved in transmitting signals within cells. Certain mutations in the ras gene can lead to production of a hyperactive Ras protein that triggers the kinase cascade even in the. absence of growth factor, resulting in increased cell division and ultimately can lead to cancer.

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