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Learn Extremophiles definition in biology with explanation to study “What are Extremophiles”. Study extremophiles explanation with biology terms to review biology course for online degree programs.

Extremophiles Definition

  • Certain organisms are called extremophiles, meaning "lovers" of extreme conditions (from the Greek philos, lover), and include extreme halophiles and extreme thermophile.

    Campbell Biology by J.B. Reece, L.A. Urry, M.L. Cain, S.A. Wasserman, P.V. Minorsky, R.B. Jackson

Extremophiles Explanation

An extremophile is an organism that thrives in physically or geochemically extreme conditions that are detrimental to most life on Earth. In contrast, organisms that live in more moderate environments may be termed mesophiles or neutrophiles. There are many classes of extremophiles that range all around the globe; each corresponding to the way its environmental niche differs from mesophilic conditions.

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