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Learn Genome definition in biology with explanation to study “What is Genome”. Study genome explanation with biology terms to review biology course for online degree programs.

Genome Definitions

  1. Genome is the entire "librar" of genetic instructions that an organism inherits.

    Campbell Biology by J.B. Reece, L.A. Urry, M.L. Cain, S.A. Wasserman, P.V. Minorsky, R.B. Jackson

  2. A cell's endowment of DNA, its genetic information, is called its genome.

    Campbell Biology by J.B. Reece, L.A. Urry, M.L. Cain, S.A. Wasserman, P.V. Minorsky, R.B. Jackson

Genome Explanation

The entire DNA set or the genetic information of an organism is called genome. It is composed of all the coding and non coding DNA including the mitochondrial and chloroplast DNA. In humans for examples the genome is stored in the form of DNA in long chains of chromosomes that carry information needed for an organism to survive and function.

Genome Explanation

A genome is the entire genetic information of an organism. Every copy of the cell has the entire genome but only a part of it is expressed in each cell which is specifically needed by that cell. For example, only those genes that are needed for the kidney to carry their function are expressed in the kidney cells. Human genome consists of 23 pairs of chromosomes and every organism has its own unique genome.

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