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What is Hypothesis in Biology? PDF | Download eBooks

Learn Hypothesis definition in biology with explanation to study “What is Hypothesis”. Study hypothesis explanation with biology terms to review biology course for online degree programs.

Hypothesis Definition

  • Hypothesis is usually a rational account for a set of observations, based on the available data and guided by inductive reasoning.

    Campbell Biology by J.B. Reece, L.A. Urry, M.L. Cain, S.A. Wasserman, P.V. Minorsky, R.B. Jackson

Hypothesis Explanation

A hypothesis is a proposed explanation for a phenomenon. For a hypothesis to be a scientific hypothesis, the scientific method requires that one can test it. Scientists generally base scientific hypotheses on previous observations that cannot satisfactorily be explained with the available scientific theories. Any supposed statement that serves as the starting point of any experimental procedure for example can also be called hypothesis. It is usually a proposed explanation of a phenomenon hat needs to be verified through experimental procedures.

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