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What is Membrane potential in Biology? PDF | Download eBooks

Learn Membrane potential definition in biology with explanation to study “What is Membrane potential”. Study membrane potential explanation with biology terms to review biology course for online degree programs.

Membrane potential Definition

  • Membrane potential is the voltage across a membrane is called a membrane potential and ranges from about -50 to -200 millivolts.

    Campbell Biology by J.B. Reece, L.A. Urry, M.L. Cain, S.A. Wasserman, P.V. Minorsky, R.B. Jackson

Membrane potential Explanation

In all types of cells there is an electrical potential difference between the inside of the cell and the outside which is the surrounding extracellular fluid. When a nerve or muscle cell is at rest, its membrane potential is called the resting membrane potential and is typically at -70 millivolts (mV).

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