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Bulla Lecture Notes with Definitions PDF | Download eBooks

Study Bulla lecture notes PDF with microbiology definitions and explanation to study “What is Bulla?”. Study bulla explanation with microbiology terms to review microbiology course for online degree programs.

Bulla Definition:

  • A large, bubblelike vesicle in a region of separation between the epidermis and the subepidermal layer. .

    Foundations in Microbiology by Kathleen Park Talaro, Arthur Talaro

Bulla Notes:

Bulla (plural: bullae), a type of blister, is a fluid-filled lesion or a sac that originated when fluid is trapped under a thin layer of skin. The blister is considered as bulla if it is bigger than 0.5 centimeters in diameter. Vesicles are the smaller blisters.

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