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What are Chemolithoautotrophs in Microbiology? PDF | Download eBooks

Learn Chemolithoautotrophs definition in microbiology with explanation to study “What are Chemolithoautotrophs”. Study chemolithoautotrophs explanation with microbiology terms to review microbiology course for online degree programs.

Chemolithoautotrophs Definition

  • Chemolithoautotrophs oxidize reduced inorganic compounds such as iron-, nitrogen-, or sulfur-containing molecules to derive both energy and electrons for biosynthesis, using carbon dioxide as the carbon source.

    Prescott's Microbiology 9th Edition by Joanne Willey, Linda Sherwood, Christopher J. Woolverton

Chemolithoautotrophs Explanation

Chemolithoautotrophs are those organisms that obtain their necessary carbon, required for metabolic processes from carbon dioxide in their environment. Such organisms also utilize compounds like sulfur, iron or nitrogen to power these processes. An example of chemolithotrophs is the bacteria found in caves. It utilizes sulfur from the bedrock to fuel its life cycle.

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