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What is Arbovirus in Microbiology? PDF | Download eBooks

Learn Arbovirus definition in microbiology with explanation to study “What is Arbovirus”. Study arbovirus explanation with microbiology terms to review microbiology course for online degree programs.

Arbovirus Definition

  • Arthropod-borne virus, including togaviruses, reoviruses, flaviviruses, and bunyaviruses. These viruses generally cause mild, undifferentiated fevers and occasionally cause severe encephalitides and hemorrhagic fever.

    Foundations in Microbiology by Kathleen Park Talaro, Arthur Talaro

Arbovirus Explanation

Arbovirus is a term that is used for a group of viral infections which infect the humans and insects i.e. arthropods transmit such viral infections to the humans. These viruses might cause mild symptoms such as flu-like or extreme symptoms. People should avoid themselves from being bitten by these insects as these can cause nasty viral infections. The insects, which can infect humans with these type of viruses, include ticks, mosquitoes, gnats and fleas.

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