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What is Capsomer in Microbiology? PDF | Download eBooks

Learn Capsomer definition in microbiology with explanation to study “What is Capsomer”. Study capsomer explanation with microbiology terms to review microbiology course for online degree programs.

Capsomer Definitions

  1. Ring-shaped morphological unit of which icosahedral capsids are constructed.

    Prescott's Microbiology 9th Edition by Joanne Willey, Linda Sherwood, Christopher J. Woolverton

  2. A protein subunit of a viral capsid.

    Essential Microbiology by Stuart Hogg

  3. A subunit of the virus capsid shaped as a triangle or disc.

    Foundations in Microbiology by Kathleen Park Talaro, Arthur Talaro

Capsomer Explanation

Capsomeres are the subunits of capsids. Capsids are the outer covering made of proteins that provides protection to the viral genetic material. Self-assembly of capsomeres can form the capsid. Capsomeres are made up of subunits called protomers.

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