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What is Cofactor in Microbiology? PDF | Download eBooks

Learn Cofactor definition in microbiology with explanation to study “What is Cofactor”. Study cofactor explanation with microbiology terms to review microbiology course for online degree programs.

Cofactor Definitions

  1. Nonprotein component of an enzyme; it is required for catalytic activity.

    Prescott's Microbiology 9th Edition by Joanne Willey, Linda Sherwood, Christopher J. Woolverton

  2. A non-protein component of an enzyme (often a metal ion) essential for its normal functioning.

    Essential Microbiology by Stuart Hogg

Cofactor Explanation

Cofactors are coenzymes or metal ions, are organic or inorganic chemicals that help enzymes during the catalysis of reactions. Coenzymes are non-protein and organic molecules that are derived from vitamins that are soluble in water by phosphorylation; they bind apoenzyme to proteins to create an active holoenzyme

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