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What is Conjunctivitis in Microbiology? PDF | Download eBooks

Learn Conjunctivitis definition in microbiology with explanation to study “What is Conjunctivitis”. Study conjunctivitis explanation with microbiology terms to review microbiology course for online degree programs.

Conjunctivitis Definition

  • Sometimes called ?pinkeye.? A Haemophilus infection of the subconjunctiva that is common among children, is easily transmitted, and is treated with antibiotic eye drops.

    Foundations in Microbiology by Kathleen Park Talaro, Arthur Talaro

Conjunctivitis Explanation

Conjunctivitis is an infection of the eye that causes an Inflammation is swelling of the conjuctiva. It is also referred to as "pink eye" and may affect one or both eyes. Conjunctivitis is especially common in children, and can easily spread in schools and at home.

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