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What is Anti Anti σ Factor in Molecular Biology? PDF | Download eBooks

Learn Anti Anti σ Factor definition in molecular biology with explanation to study “What is Anti Anti σ Factor”. Study anti anti σ factor explanation with molecular biology terms to review molecular biology course for online degree programs.

Anti Anti σ Factor Definition:

  • A protein that binds to an anti-σ-factor-σ-factor complex and releases the σ-factor..

    Molecular Biology by Robert F. Weaver

Anti Anti σ Factor Explanation:

Anti-Anti- σ-Factor is a protein that causes the release of the σ-factor, from the "anti-σ-factor-σ-factor" complex, by binding to the complex. The anti-σ-factor binds to the σ-factor, to form the anti-σ-factor-σ-factor complex, in order to inhibit transcriptional activity of the σ-factor. Eventually the Anti-Anti- σ-Factor intervenes to terminate this process.

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