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What is APE1 (AP Endonuclease 1) in Molecular Biology? PDF | Download eBooks

Learn APE1 (AP Endonuclease 1) definition in molecular biology with explanation to study “What is APE1 (AP Endonuclease 1)”. Study ape1 (ap endonuclease 1) explanation with molecular biology terms to review molecular biology course for online degree programs.

APE1 (AP Endonuclease 1) Definition:

  • A mammalian enzyme that uses its 3'→5' exonuclease activity to edit the errors made by DNA polymerase b during base excision repair..

    Molecular Biology by Robert F. Weaver

APE1 (AP Endonuclease 1) Explanation:

Human apurinic/apyrimidinic endonuclease 1 (APE1) is a mammalian enzyme, that plays a key role in the DNA base excision repair system. It uses its 3'→5'exonuclease activity for the repair of errors made during base excision repair. This enzyme is also recognized as a redox factor.

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